meOver the years, I have made the slow professional shift from be skeptical of technology in the classroom to being fully astonished by the ways it can enhance student learning.   This shift was prompted by my graduate studies at Michigan State University.  The bulk of this blog documents my learning in the program. I also created a different site in my third year of the program to explore the different projects I created.

While this blog shows a learning journey, it is important to be clear about the endpoint.  As a teacher, my belief in the power of technology has not influenced me to place technology into every part of my curriculum.  Simply, the integration of technology has to be purposeful, thoughtful, and to the clear benefit of a student’s learning.  Too much of educational technology focus on the “wow-factor” or the ability to fit too many buzz words into the same sentence.  If done well, technology can alter student thinking, create new learning opportunities, and allow for greater creativity.  My goal is to help do it well.

I currently work as the Middle School Technology Coordinator at Taipei American School.  My primary function is to help teachers better integrate technology into their classroom.  This takes on many forms.  I have a website dedicated to exploring both the use of technology at the Middle School at TAS as well as my thinking on different programs, ides, and activities.

My resume is available here.



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